Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hope Springs Eternal

A new week and new hope of lighting the fire in the furnace in this new week. Last week was really busy. The restaurant business has picked up and I have been really burning the candle at both ends. Micah is moving to N.E.O. @ Miami (That's Mi Am AAAA) according to the folks up there. Please!! Anyway Micah is moving to college and is starting 2-a-days on August 10th for football. Man I'm gonna miss him big time! At least I won't have to be running all those sprints with him in the 97 degree heat. I would rather be running the sprints and him still here. Time moves on and things change and kids grow up. Kinda sad . . . But thats the way it is and there's nothing I can do to make time stand still. Been listening to Christopher Cross' song "All Right" a bunch. I will keep you posted.

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