Monday, August 29, 2005

Christening For Bella Forte

It is done! Bella Forte is now a fully functioning hot glass studio.

Heap big thanks to Andy and Angela Boatman and Brent Hickenbotham of Blue Sage Studios for coming down to the Christening of Bella Forte! Andy programmed my annealer. We made 4 or 5 pieces and "boxed" them (that's glass blowing talk for sticking your glasswork in the annealer) and finished at about 1 am Sunday morning. Andy even brought us a "studio warming" gift (a big jar of powdered frit) I don't care what everybody else says, I think he's a very thoughtfuland nice guy. (just kidding about the part of what everybody else says)

Linda and I also had our I two daughters, Kim and Krista, Krista's boyfriend, Carson, Kim's friend Crystal, Micah's girlfriend and pretty much member of the family, Anna - Micah couldn't make it in person because he was on his way back to NEO (after which he played in his first college game and did well - and NEO beat UCO) but he was there in spirit and on the phone.

I put 25 pounds of glass in the furnace about 1:30am, 9:00 am, 1:00pm, & 3:00 pm Sunday for a total of 100 pounds and am cooking it and will probably be able to blow on Wednesday.

Looking forward to many flawless excursions into glassblowing excellence.

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