Sunday, December 18, 2005

Here's The Pictures

Here's the pictures of the new display case in Italian Jim's Pizzeria @ 342 S. Mustang Road (Just south of the intersection of Reno on Mustang Rd on the south side of I-40 @ Yukon). I have posted pictures of the "Flaming Kisses" Oil Lamps. I will be doing alot of these around Valentines Day. Notice the Geo-Syncronis air bubbles and the do-dad in the center that looks like a H____ Kiss.

See the blue bowls with the yellow lip wrap. Micah and I made those. Micah, Linda, and I made the beautiful classic black with cream wrap bowl and vase as commission pieces for Lucia. Lucia is cool. I will post some more later. Family is giving me the countdown to go eat.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Finally Have A GBB (Glass Blowing Buddy)

Hello Everybody!

Micah my son is home from college as of Wed. this week. He is really great help! He has been helping me do lip wraps. Wednesday he got home and we worked for about 6 or so hours. Today we worked for about 3. My furnace and glory hole is outside and with the temp down to 25 degrees like is was tonight, it is hard to blow thin glass. The cold wind just sucks the heat out of the piece. We made two really good ones and lost the last 2 due to the cold. Live and learn. One day I'll have everything enclosed in a nice glass studio with a decent consistent temp.

The pieces are getting better. I have been selling a lot of glass at the pizza shop. I have sold about 10 or 12 pieces this week. Sure helps pay that gas bill. Thanks to all who buy.

I'm going to be giving demonstrations this Saturday for Micah's 20th birthday. Also busy blowing Christmas presents. I'll get some pictures posted one day soon I hope. I have started blowing some earth tones and marble like colors. Really Neat! There for a while I was liking (and still do) the bold bright contrasting colors. Last night and tonight I blew some art deco kind of colors. I really like them. They are classy and classic and timeless.

The restaurant (Italian Jim's Pizzeria)has been really busy. This week, M-F we have had 36 caterings. I haven't had a chance to work out in 2 weeks. Still doing my best to maintain that boyish figure. Had a great visit with my good friend Ross Hill today. He is opening a new branch for his bank (Bank 2) over by our property on Morgan Rd and SW 15th sometime in the first 2 or 3 months of next year. If you want to be treated like you are a important person and a valuable customer at a bank - Go to Bank 2. Ross, Ranell, Fran, Steve, Chanel, Mary, etc.. (I could go on and on) are truly awesome. Not getting paid for this just giving credit where credit is due. Ross thinks Italian Jim's has the best pizza! No brag . . . Just Fact!

Well, I got to go. My arm is tired from patting Ross and myself on the back so much.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Remember Me?

Hello! I bet some of you thought I forgot about my own website. I didn't. I have been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle it seems.

After the Christmas and New Years Holidays, I will be able to do better.

Andy boatman's show this past weekend was extreme! Extremely nice. Extremely well attended. Extremely good glass. Extremely exciting. There were so many people watching the demonstrations it was awesome. Andy even had me do a demo. It was fun!

I don't care what anybody else says, Andy Boatman IS a nice guy!

Andy offered me the opportunity of selling some of my glass @ his show. Big heapem thanks to owner of big fire in box! Me sellem heap much glass. Helpem pay heap big gas bill @ Bella Forte.

I sold about 3 times more than I would have guessed!

I have some more pictures - will post them later.

Micah came home from college during Thanksgiving and he helped me for the first time do a lip wrap. (No small chore!) He did great and we made some beautiful pieces - Will show those later also.

I plan on after the first of the year starting lessons in paper weight making and glassblowing. The classes will be limited to a maximum of 3.

If you have any interest in a class email me and let me know. There is a e-mail link on this website. My studio is in the Yukon area on the west side of OKC. - Real easy access off of I-40

I got a nice display case in our restaurant, Italian Jim's Pizzeria @ 342 S. Mustang Road.( Just South of Reno on Mustang Road). It is lit really well and you can come in and see some of the recent work. I also have blown pendant lamps over the booths.

Thanks to Carol Wilson and family for coming out to look at the glass, eating pizza and buying some! Thanks to the Moore men and their wives for coming to the show @ Andy's. Good to see Dr. Anderson @ the show.

Well I have to go. I have a early and busy day tomorrow.