Sunday, February 19, 2006

More Pictures

Here's some more pictures. The first photo is a red bud vase with green body wrap. It's beautiful! I haven't been able to get into photoshop and change the orientation of the photo yet (That's why it's sideways) I may do it or not. If you have a LCD flat screen monitor you can easily pick up the monitor and turn it counter clockwise and look at the vase correctly.

Picture #2 is a bowl with Opal Nile Green optic molded and a black lip wrap. I'm looking forward to exploiting this color combination. I think it will make some pretty light fixtures!

Picture #3 is awsome! It is a commission piece for Mike Stanley for his valentine. It is a fluted bowl with curry on the inside, black on the outside, and a curry body wrap! It's from the "Tiger Stripe" series. It rivals the black with cream body/lip wrap commission pieces for Lucia that were posted on this blog on Dec. 18th, 2005. I look forward to doing more with the Tiger Stripe Series!

Picture #4 is a valentines gift for my youngest daughter Krista. It matches the animal print theme in her room.

Picture #5 is a valentines gift for my oldest daughter Kim. She loves brown and pink. I think the color combo rocks!

Gonna be doing some more better stuff as time goes on. I've been blowing more light fixtures in for the restaurant. I have also been blowing matching bud vases and will be blowing matching oil lamps in time. Each booth will have a themed light fixture, vase, and oil lamp.

We're doubling the square footage of our restaurant and I am looking forward to more of a retail presence for the glass and doing more decorating and uping the atmosphere a notch or two.

Looking forward to Andy Boatman getting his new furnace this week. Micah and I will be making a trip to Blue Sage Studios to make sure he's on track! Ha! Ha! We will really be going to get him to help us stay on track.

I went to Bixby this last Friday and finally got me a piece of 304 stainless steel plate 1/2" thick that is 2' x 3' for my marving table. I will be upgrading my marver soon.

I have had 3 folks ask me about glass blowing lessons this week. Thanks for the interest! Possibly late spring or summer. We'll see.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Some Pictures

I figured out that I have to add pictures from another computer because I think something is wrong with my computer. Here are some photos - I will send more later.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Furnace Upgrade

Wow! I installed a new high pressure blower on my furnace and the glass is so hot that it's almost as thin a water. Big difference to what it used to be. The neat part about that is I can get thinner "gathers" and create more depth and I hope better effects. I was using the blower that came with my glory hole because it was more powerful than the other blower I had. Now I switched my glory blower back to the glory hole where it's supposed to be and its considerably hotter than before. It's almost like I have a new furnace and glory hole!

I took more pictures today. I am going to start trying to upload my pictures from a different computer and see it that works.

Andy suggested Picasa - but that's not set-up for mac use.

Looking forward to getting a mac G-5 one of these days.

Thanks to Mike Stanley, Lucia, Glenda, Rolene, and Lisa for the orders for commission pieces.

I have still been busy with the restaurant expansion and still finding time to work out and keep that weight that doesn't belong on me off.

Looking forward to seeing Andy and Brent @ Blue Sage Studios soon (I hope!)

See ya!