Saturday, April 08, 2006

Update On What's Happening

Micah and I went over to Andy Boatman's Studio, "Blue Sage Studios" last week and saw his new furnace. A very fine piece of equipment! It was really good to be over a Blue Sage once again. That is the nicest studio! We got to meet Bruce Ferguson, an accomplished glassblower and glassblowing teacher from Virginia. Bruce works at the FAA and is in OKC for a week or two doing whatever it is the FAA people do to stay current. Bruce showed us some new techniques, some of which we have tried with a small measure of success already! Bruce is supposed to come over to Bella Forte Glass Studio and check out our place and do a little bit of glass blowing over here. We can't wait!

I have been so busy at the restaurant. I've been putting in about 85 - 90 hours each week. My workout time has gone to a big fat ZERO for the last 4 weeks. Looking forward to getting back in the gym and getting lean again! (Sometime soon I hope) March 6th was our 10 year anniversary! We just finished March and it was our biggest month in our 10 year history! A NEW RECORD! Who-aaah! As I have mentioned earlier, we have doubled the square footage of our restaurant and are in the process of doing the remodel. Micah and I have done all of the remodel ourselves with the exception of the electrical and some floor work. Most all of the kitchen part is complete and we have been working on the dining room area.

I am going to have a new retail area for Bella Forte Glass Studios in the restaurant. It is going to be really nice and attractive. We are going to do some innovative things to display the glass. I have taken a few "before" and "during" pictures so far and will take some "after" pictures when it's done and post them. But you really need to come see the progress when it gets done. Last night Micah and I did more drywall and we started painting. That new airless paint sprayer is worth the money!

I blew some commissioned light fixtures for some very nice folks in the "Rivendale" addition in Moore. I've sold some more things in the restaurant. Micah and I have been blowing glass to decorate the new retail space at Italian Jim's Pizzeria in between commission pieces. I just got some new dichroic glass in yesterday and will be doing some commission pieces with it. Can't hardly wait.

If you get a chance stop Italian Jim's at 342 S. Mustang Road @ Reno and Mustang Road in the Yukon area, have a look at the glass and eat a pizza or a sub or a pasta or a dessert or a etc…

See ya later.