Friday, March 26, 2010


It's been an eventful 3-4 weeks! We have quite a bit of glass in the OKC Symphony Show House. This year it is a 17,000 sq. foot home on the the east side of Lake Overholser. The address is 2550 E. Overholser Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73155. The date is May 1 to May 16, 2010. We've also had a ceiling sculpture with an April 1 deadline. We've been busy blowing glass and fabricating the steel structures for our projects. Ron Licklider with J. Kimball Interiors asked us to do a "obnoxiously large" glass sculpture for the show house that needed to be installed before today. Heap big thanks to Ron for giving us this opportunity to get noticed!! We are making the deadlines so far. The large (about 9' tall) glass scupture is in the "Art Gallery" area. We also have several other pieces of glass in different parts of the home. We have a total of 5 pieces consisting of transparent turquoise, turquoise and white, and white cane pieces in the kitchen utilized by "Domain Interiors". Kristi Forhan and Heidi Smith are the designers and owners of Domain Interiors and did a fabulous job with the kitchen and have been so nice to work with. We also have several of our large art vases we call "Redento Raffinatos" in the Mathis Brother's design area by designers Angela Davidson and Todd Stepp. We may also place another set of beautiful Chartreuse with Gold Ruby accents (a stunning color combination!) within the house. We are so grateful to Angela and Todd for giving us the opportunity to get our Redento Raffinatos looked at by over 15,000 people in the 16 days. I just had my 50th birthday. Mixed feelings about that. Not too happy about being that old, but really happy that I am still having birthdays. Growing older is mucho better than the alternative, if you know what I mean. My son, Micah, honored me greatly! Without my knowledge, he contacted Dante Marioni and bought me a signed goblet from Dante. A DANTE MARIONI SIGNED GOBLET! Did I raise a great son or what! I am literally holding it now as I type this! But then....... But then..... But then...... yes, out of the box came another signed Dante Marioni goblet as a gift from Dante Marioni himself! I now own 2 Dante Marioni Goblets! One a gift from my son and another a gift from "The Man". Whew! I have to stop now. I'm getting too excited and all wore out from thinking about it. I'll post pictures of stuff later.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Gathering of Redento Raffinatos

Here's the largest group we have been able to get together at one time at one place so far. There are 16 here. We call this collection, "Gathering of the Redeemed". Make sure you double-click the photo, it opens up nice and big.