Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Gathering of Redento Raffinatos

Here's the largest group we have been able to get together at one time at one place so far. There are 16 here. We call this collection, "Gathering of the Redeemed". Make sure you double-click the photo, it opens up nice and big.


Ross Hill, CEO Bank2 said...

I love my Redento! My customers and employees a like think it is one of the most unusual pieces of art they have ever seen.

Andrew said...

Beautiful. Great work. Great photo. How did you take it?

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Thanks for nice words guys! Answer to Andy:
I loaded up all 16 of them and took them to Vicker's Photography here in Yukon. They are exactly 1 mile east of my restaurant. We set them all on the floor, on some big sheets of foam board I believe and then spent about 2-3 hours placing them this way and that, till we thought we finally had it right. During that time we took a photo of a smaller grouping of just the larger ones that Janusz helped with and also took some individual shots also. Jeff Vickers and his whole family and team are really nice to work with and as you can tell, did a wonderful job!