Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some more pictures of the Italian Jim's Expansion - A New Technique

Here's the new technique. We optic molded the piece, then body wraped it around the ridges of the freshly optic molded piece, then let the threads cool a bit where they weren't touching the glass (Have I lost you yet?) then stuck it in the glory hole, this shattered most of the glass threads that weren't touching the ridges - then blew it out.

The glass ceiling is right over the waiting area where you sit and wait on to-go orders.

One of our 3 light fixtures over the front counter. Opal Nile Green body to match the green wall with diablo red body wrap to match the red wall behind the front counter and "curry" to match the main wall color in the dining room. All light fixtures in the new dining room incorporate those same 3 colors.