Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some more pictures of the Italian Jim's Expansion - A New Technique

Here's the new technique. We optic molded the piece, then body wraped it around the ridges of the freshly optic molded piece, then let the threads cool a bit where they weren't touching the glass (Have I lost you yet?) then stuck it in the glory hole, this shattered most of the glass threads that weren't touching the ridges - then blew it out.

The glass ceiling is right over the waiting area where you sit and wait on to-go orders.

One of our 3 light fixtures over the front counter. Opal Nile Green body to match the green wall with diablo red body wrap to match the red wall behind the front counter and "curry" to match the main wall color in the dining room. All light fixtures in the new dining room incorporate those same 3 colors.


Gnat said...

Looks great and I love the colors on the table lamp.

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Thanks Gnat! Maybe you guys could swing by here on your honeymoon and we will treat you both to the best pizza you have ever had. We might even make you come by our studio and show us a thing or two about how to blow glass.
Chris M.

Gnat said...

I don't have anything on you guys that is for sure.

Prime example I ordered a bunch of alabaster the other day, but purchased R instead of K and got a totally wrong color.

No worries everyone is always looking for white bar around the shop.

The enterance glass celing looks awesome as well. Very Belogio(spelling?) of you.

Do you get people just standing there looking up at the stuff? Anyone want to buy anything?

On a side note I need a good pizza dough recipe from someone that actaully knows how to make some of the stuff. The one I have, 2 packs of 1/4 dry yeast, 6 cups of flour, 1t of each salt/pepper, 1T sugar, 3T Olive Oil.

Something is missing and I can't put my finger on it. It is pretty good stuff but it just has to much of a bread taste. I don't know how else to explain it. I make pizza at home from scratch about 3 times a month and just can't nail the dough for some reason.

My sauce is kick'n. Tomato sause, Crushed tomatos, Oreg, Basil, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, and a pinch of Rose Mary. I saute up a yellow onion with the garlic then pour in the Tomato sau/crushed and boil it down a bit. I like it but again sometime is just a little off but it is good.

Man, sorry I can talk pizza all day long..... Now I am hungry.


Andrew said...

I wondered how that was done. You are getting good my friend.

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...


Use a high-gluten flour(generally you can't find that in a normal supermarket)(talk to a food supplier) - make sure you mix the yeast with water that is about 102 degrees (slightly warm) and let it set - then mix it with the flour and other ingredients and let it rise for 2 hours with a damp cloth over the bowl. Then knead it down again and let it rise about 45 min. Sounds like your reicpe is a good one. If you already aren't doing what I mentioned, that is the only thing I know that might improve an already good recipe.

Your sauce receipe sounds really, really good! It makes me want to go to the kitchen right now and start simmering. The arouma must be fantastic!

Sometimes people order a to-go order and sit down on the bench under the glass ceiling - they sit there awhile and are looking around. Then they look up and sometime gasp a little bit. They weren't expecting it. They think it is really cool. They love the way the color falls down the wall and they see the texture of the piece it is going through. It looks really good at night.

Yes, some people do want to buy and do. At present, it is not marketed too well - some just wonder, "I wonder why he has all this glass?" Some realize that my son and I are the ones that blow it and think that I am just excited about the glass and want to show it (which is true) and a few realize that it is for sale. I am in the process of getting some really sharp POS stuff done up to let folks know that I am selling the glass. There is a lot of nice, new, expensive, executive type housing going up in this area. It seems people are looking for something that sets their houses and lighting apart - so they bring me their colors - and we do our best to match their color scheme. The little 3 piece sets are going over pretty good. We are working now to make a number of sets in different color combinations.

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...


P.S. You might experiment with a little less yeast.

Chris M.

Randy & Anna said...

You all have done an awesome job! Can't wait to see the 'glass ceiling' in person!

Gnat said...

Nice, I will pull back on the yeast next time. I have both a deep dish pan from the local pizza shop and a pizza stone. I kind of go back and forth between them depending on my mood.

One thing that I really have nailed is the bread sticks. I take all my extra dough and roll it up into a ball and roll it out like a pizza. I know you know this but maybe you will have a better way for me to try. Then I cut it up into strips and give it about 10 minutes in the oven, pull them out and coat it with my magic butter. Which is Garlic powder, Salt, ultra small dash of white pepper, and butter. Put them back in until they are done. About 5 more minutes.

Pull them out recoat them with magic butter, and sprinkle them with fresh aged parma cheese. They will make you slap your momma. I really enjoy making this stuff, it is some kind of crazy need to experiment with pizza stuff. I think it is about to drive my soon to be wife nutty. She has actually seen me throw away whole pizzas because I did not like them.


Bruce Ferguson said...

Chris your installation looks great, I'm sure you are very pleased. It certainly has to be one of the most unique restaurants around, I really like the ceiling. Neat work with the broken thread piece. There's a chance I might be going to Sarah's studio in Tulsa in the not too distant future and if I do, I'll be sure to drive down. Take care and keep up the great work.

Krista said...

Dad!! It all looks great! I am very impressed with what you and brother have done!