Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Furnace

Friday night I hooked up the furnace shortly after hooking up the glory hole. The glory hole worked great! The Furnace did not. I thought I would look at it in the daylight. I had better luck on Saturday with the furnace; however, I am having trouble getting the right air/fuel mixture. After more inspection it looks as though I may not have the correct blower. Looks like I'm back to Grainger to get another blower.

Saturday night I got impatient to blow glass. I busted up some old used glass jars my mom had given me. I turned on the glory hole, heated up a blowpipe and finally got a shard of glass to stick to the blowpipe. Finally after going through that process a number of times I got enough glass on the end of the blowpipe that was equal to a real small "gather" and blocked it with my blocks, blew a bubble in the glass and jacked it with the jacks. What an impressive start! WOW!

I'm going to call Andy and see if he thinks the problem is the wrong blower. Andy can fix anything.

The cooler weather and the rain is nice. It seems like fall.

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