Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Pressure!

Hello everyone!

Micah and I went out to Andy Boatman''s Blue Sage Studios the other day and saw him/them installing his new furnace. It sure is nice! Looking forward to blowing some glass out there soon and showing Andy and Brent how real glass blowers do it.

Micah is sure good help. He likes the glass blowing and, as Derek Zoolander would say, "He is getting really, really, really good!" Micah blew his first piece tonight and did really, really, really good on that also.

We made some funky flowers (one step removed from nature).

Commission pieces are nice but the added pressure can be intense on getting them done by the deadline.

Ross @ Bank 2 has commissioned us to blow 3 new pieces for their new Bank location @ SW 15th and Morgan Road that just opened this last Wednesday. I have banked with Ross for almost 9 years and have followed him from Canadian State Bank to when He started Bank 2. His customer service is the BEST! I would say that even if he wasn't paying me an obscene amount for these commission pieces. Ha! Ha!

To do Ross' pieces, Micah and I have had to learn some more new techniques and it has been a learning process. Finally we completed one Saturday night that is a keeper. We did another one today - we'll see how it comes out tomorrow morning at about 9 am.

At least 1 down and 2 to go in about 7 days before his big grand opening. Pressure!!!!

Well I better go get cleaned up - I will try to post some pictures soon.

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Andrew said...

Excellent. Keep on keeping on. Next you and Micah will be getting the patented Zoolander haircut and only using Blue Steel frit for your pieces.
Keep it center my friend.