Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More Pictures! - Upload fixed


Here's some of our newest work.

I told you that I was commissioned to blow some wall art for the new Bank 2 location in Yukon. Some of these platters are the ones that have made the cut. Some still made the cut but are going in our restaurant - Italian Jim's Pizzeria @ 342 S. Mustang Rd. in Yukon Ok.

This Cerulean Blue piece is about 19 inches x 17 inches and has a Diablo Red lip wrap and is optic molded with a twist in the optic mold pattern.

This piece is about 24 inches x 22 inches and is Cherry Red with a few chunks of yellow and a bright yellow lip wrap. It is one of my favorite.

This piece is about 17 inches x 18 inches with Brilliant Yellow, optic molded with a twist, and a Diablo Red lip wrap- Also a favorite.

Micah got me a kilo of Cerulean Blue for Christmas. This is the first piece we did with it. We love this color - we added a few chunks of #3 frit Canary Yellow to this. It's about 16 inches x 15 inches.

This is Opal White iwth #2 Frit of Cherry Red, #3 Frit of Canary Yellow, and maybe some #2 Frit of Lapis Blue. It's 24 inches x 17 inches.

This one is Adventurine Green in the center, with Bristol Green on the outside edges surrounded with a Diablo Red lip wrap. I wanted to do the whole thing heavy in Adventurine Green and tried to do so, but it was so stiff I had trouble working it. It's about 17 inches x 17 inches. The picture doesn't do the Adv. Green justtice. You ought to see it in the sunlight.

This Bowl is Cerulean Blue with an Adventurine swirl in it. It is about 14 inches across. That Cerulean Blue is very pretty.

This vase is Cerulean Blue with a Cherry Red lip wrap and a dropped foot. It stands about 14 inches tall.

This vase is what I blew for my wife, Linda for Valentines Day. It is about 15 inches tall and is cream with a garnet body wrap.

If you click on this picture and look close, you will see a very fine "thread" of light biege "threaded" around this piece. It is Gaffer 50 - Black in powder form with the biege thread and lip warp. You ought to see the "threading" process. It's awesome to watch. Micah and I made it look easy,.

This piece is part of the "Tiger Stripe" series. It is black with a Curry body wrap and a Curry lip wrap. The threads on this piece are a little thicker and you can easily feel the texture of the thread around the vase. It's about 12 inches tall.

These are our flowers, "one or two steps removed from nature." Have stems about 13' long on them. We think they are pretty cool. We are gonna practice doing these until we make some really, really, really good-looking ones. (DZ)

This little piece is kind've cute. It's Lapis Blue with a cream thread "noodled" on, spun out and swung to get that fluted look. It's about 10 inches tall.

Heap big thanks to wife, Linda and boy, Micah for being great helpers. Bye for now - keeping the furnace hot!


Andrew said...

Once again it appears the student has surpassed the master. Dante would be proud.

Andrew said...

People, If you have not made it by Chris's place you really need to go check out his glass. Top notch. Get the meat lovers while you are there and you will be in a place called nirvana.
Keep up the great work my friend and oh yeah Keep it centered.