Wednesday, March 08, 2006

2 Great Helpers - 2 Beautiful Platters

Glassblowing is so much easier with good help. There are plenty of guys that make going solo look easy. So far, I'm not one of those kinda guys. Maybe someday. In the mean time, the Lovely and Gracious Linda was highly instrumental in the effort tonight along with talented, handsome, and strong - Micah.

We're working on the Bank 2 platters - getting better on the new techniques. We did a Adventurine Green with Opal Nile green lip wrap - and a Cerulean Blue with a heavy optic mold and diablo red lip wrap.

They turned out beautiful thanks to Linda. Linda realizes there's more to life than being just really, really, really good-looking! She is showing her versatility. (Zoolander Flashback)

I am still working on taking and uploading the pictures. Waiting on that 2-3 hour block of time when I don't have anything to do. You know how that goes.

Later Gator.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Whoo Hoo. I may have to switch to Bank 2 just so I can see your good works. Keep up the good work and keep it centered.