Monday, October 13, 2008

Zanfirico Canne work

Micah and I have been working on making zanfirico canne. This last Saturday was our 2nd try at it. Then we wanted to get enough to make a "lace" handkerchief bowl. Recently Marty Lockstone came by the restaurant, saw the glass and gave me a call. Marty is from Weatherford and we knew each other back in high school. He graduated a year before me at Weatherford. He wanted to know if he could come and watch us blow glass. He came over Saturday and was good help. He helped us pull canne and helped us with the zanfirico bowl. It's been nice to get reacquainted. Here's some photos of the canne, the bowl and of a vase we have been trying to pull off. It's blue, about 13 1/2" tall with a yellow coil around it.


Andrew said...

That is awesome. I am jealous. Not the jealous type even but man that is fantastic! I need some lessons from you on this one brother.

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Wow! Thanks Andy - still want you and Ray and Roy to come over and work. Micah said maybe we could come over there and help you do something and you could come over here and help us do something.