Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glass at The Oklahoma History Center

We are honored to have our glass on display at Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine's 1 year aniversary at the Oklahoma History Center tonight (Aug. 26th, 2008). We had four days to design and come up with a significant number of pieces to display at the event. We designed and fabricated the steel armature and finished last night after midnight. We blew over 30 pieces for the centerpiece along with a number of other things at different tables set up thoughout the event. Here are a few pictures. I should have told Micah to smile. He was a tired puppy. The last 4 days have been long and involved and on top of that, we didn't finish until around 1:00 am last night and he had a catering in Norman this afternoon. (I catered in Seminole at noon today as well) We were both tired puppies! We really enjoyed the evening! The folks at Distinctly Oklahoma are really nice and the reception was "first class". They had catered food from an extraordinary pastry chef from Benvenutis in Norman, extremely good tenderloin and pulled pork sandwiches from "The Ranch" in OKC, and some other places (Those were the only ones I ate at - I got too full too quick!) We can't wait to go eat at Benvenutis soon! That tenderloin sandwich and pulled pork sandwich were awesome! Big thanks to Krista who came and helped Micah and I set up. She has the touch and the knack for knowing how to set up and decorate. Linda came down as well. Only Anna and Kim couldn't make it. We missed them. There were a number of other pictures of more glass but didn't get them posted.


Andrew said...

Beautiful work. I like the twisty thing.

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Thanks, they kind've came around as an after-thought. We thought they completed everything.