Monday, February 12, 2007

Whats Been Up

As some of you know, Micah got a severe injury about 4 weeks ago. (Not glass related) I haven't blown since then and finally shut off the furnace about 2 weeks ago until he can get healed up and I get my head back on straight. Micah had another doctor's appt. today and got a good report. About another month or so he should be able to help and I will turn the furnace back on. We are continuing to sell glass at our retail outlet @ Italian Jim's Pizzeria. We have sold a couple of nice sets in the last week. The newspaper is wanting to do a story on us. We are looking forward to getting going again.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Bummer, hope your son heals up well. Godspeed to the healing!Might be a good opportunity to build up some solo skills in the shop. I have been blowing for less than a year but the last 7 months have been 80% solo, mostly pumpkins and vases.

Larry C

Gnat said...

ACK! Put the good mojo on the man.

Best wishes for a healthy return.


Gnat said...

Hope everything heals up well, best wish on a safe return to the furnace heat.


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Hey guys, thanks for the well wishes for Micah - Micah said to say "Thanks" from him as well. We're feeling the "pipe-turn'n" itch again!

Did do a few solo things but Micah got me spoiled with the good help plus just wasn't much in the mood for much.


Andrew said...

Good to hear the positive report. I just missed your call. Talk to you soon.

Bruce Ferguson said...

I check your site every so often and am sorry to hear about Micah's injury. Hope everything works out all right for him and you can return to working together soon. I'd wait till your "ice storm" season is over myself. We've got several inches of ice in the driveway and we don't get it near as often as you do. Best wishes.
Bruce F.