Saturday, January 06, 2007

Speaking of a "fully involved pizza". . .

Glad to see Scott come up for air! Hey, the bottom photo shows a pic of our Super Pepperoni pizza I told you that I would put up sometime. Yes, this is a normal 20" "Big Jim" Super Pepperoni and yes, that is layers upon layers of pepperoni! We even have a bigger one. It's called the "Humongous Jim" and it's 24". How's that for "fully involved"!

The photo at the top show some more of our pizzas. They are larges (14"). I took the photo right before we put them in the oven and cooked them. The pizza with stripes is a Meat Combo, the "Work of Art Looking Pizza" is a "Garden Veggie", a couple of "Super Pepperonis" and a couple of "Chicken Fajita" pizzas. When they're cooked, they look a little better, but we had to get them to where they need to go ASAP and didn't have time to photograph afterward.


Anonymous said...

Good god....I think I may have just spotted myself.

You are, without a doubt, the only human on earth that understands the kind of pizza I need.


CorkChop said...

My indigestion kicked in from just looking at the photo.