Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some New Stuff!

Here's a new shape we started doing.

The pieces are about 7 inches high and 9 to 10 inches across.

The First one is blown out of a rod of of Reddish Opal Orange. The second one is blown out of a rod of Cerulean Blue with a Light Blue body and lip wrap. The third one is a combination of Opal Nile Green - F-3, Curry F-3, and a lip wrap of Diablo Red. While we know there is plenty of room to improve, we are pleased.


Gnat said...

I like them dude.

Are you putting the foot on off the pipe or are you dropping the foot on the marver and picking it up?


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Thanks, we are dropping the foot on the marver and picking it up that way. I have seen other folks drop the foot off of the pipe and we will prob. try that as well.

Andrew said...

Super duper! Keep up the good works.

Gnat said...

We put them on like and avolio every now and then, but they always end up being either offcenter or smaller than we wanted that way.


Anna said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
Randy and I sure do miss seeing everyone and going to Italian Jim's for the best bacon cheeseburger pizza in the world!!
Seems CO can't make a decent one!

Krista McGahan said...

You should put some more pictures up of the new blown glass that is in the Italian Jim's glass display case!They look really nice!:)