Saturday, October 21, 2006

New technique done pretty well!

It was great to hear from our good friends, Randy and Anna, in Colorado. We miss you as well and look forward to you coming back around the Thanksgiving & Christmas season! May I suggest you start up your own blog and post a photo or 2 of yourselves in the be - u - tiful Colorado scenery. Seriously, you ought to do a blog if you want to. I suspect you will find a Bacon Cheeseburger pizza with your name on it when you come back.

Krista, here's some of those new photos and you need to come in and see the new red and cream one with the new technique we did. It looks pretty good.

Hello Andy! Hello Gnat!

Hello everybody else! I would not have guessed it would have been a month and 2 days since my last post. Time flies.

Here's some new stuff. We have started making an Indian Basket Series. I love combining bold and constrasting colors and this series gives me a format to do just that. They seem to be well recieved. I am in the process of getting more of a "retail" "yes-I-want-to-sell-that-glass" look in the restaurant. I bought some point of purchase (POP) stuff on Friday and hopefully next week I will get it put up.

I've got 2 basket series together on the same shelf. One is basicly orange and black and the other is crimson and cream. I call them the "Bedlam Baskets". If you are from Oklahoma or even know a little bit about Oklahoma football you know why I call it the "Bedlam Baskets".

Micah and I are really excited about our new technique of optic molding the piece, threading a body wrap around it and "exploding" the wrap and then blowing out the piece. It turned out so good! We were really pumped about it. Can't wait to try some light fixtures and different colors and shapes with the same technique.

Here they are. ( I didn't take the time to put the pieces in my little photo booth thing. Some of the pictures were even taken behind glass.) Here they are.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris it is Kathy! Looking good! I really like those! Love that blue! Just thought I would leave you a comment. Tell everyone I said "hello" and that I love them!

Anonymous said...

Looking good. time. I feel your pain.

Check back soon again when it breaks. Stuffs looks great.