Monday, July 31, 2006

Some Pictures of Italian Jim's Pizzeria's new space!

Well, here's some pictures of the new space. I have some more to take of another area. To be candid, we out-did ourselves. My son Micah and I did most of the main construction. Shane Mutz(one of Micah's friends, stained the Harlequin pattern on the floor. He did a great job. People just love the floor! Super duper first class!

(Okay - I just posted this and looked better at the photo and realized I didn't get the floor in the photo. I'll get it later and post it. The floor is extraordinary! )

A friend of ours for 15 or so years, Mike, "helped" me a little bit on the trim work and cabinets. He is such a good helper. Jeff did the electrical work and did a great job. My mom sowed the fabric for the canopies. Micah and I built the walls, did some sheetrock work, taped, bedded, textured, painted, (My daughter Krista helped paint.) My wife and I picked out the paintings. My wife picked out the colors scheme. My wife told me to get it done. My wife told. . . you get the picture. Kim, my oldest daughter, kept the staff lined out and cleaned up a number of time after the messy Marvins (Me & Micah) Micah and I designed and built the glass ceiling ( the part that I don't have pictures of yet). My son and I also blew all the glass fixtures and fiore on the wall and ceiling. I have never seen a pizza place as nice or beautiful. It is gorgeous! It has exceeded my expectations. The pictures do not do it justice!

"The Best of Oklahoma" is coming out this Friday, Aug. 4th and shooting a small series of shots on Italian Jim's Pizzeria being the "Best in Oklahoma". We are excited! If you can come out and be there when they film you can be on TV at the best pizza place in Oklahoma! Shooting is supposed to be between 7 and 8 pm Friday night.

The first picture is before much work was done. The space was formerly a dance studio. Notice the corner on the right side of the picture.

Here is the same space with the photograph taken from approx. the same position. Notice how we added an angle wall to put the "Glass Fiore Wall" - "Fiore" is Italian for Flower. We still have to blow about 5 or 6 more platters to finish it out on the bottom. We have the "white" area behind the platters illuminated brightly so that they "glow" from behind and also have some bright track lighting shining on them from the front.

"CLICK" on the picture and enlarge it and look at it. It's still better in person!


Gnat said...


That great, has it sunk in that you did this yet?


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Thanks, gnat. I've got about 5 or 6 more platters to do for the wall and about 30 or so to do for the ceiling. Then, maybe it will sink in.

Gnat said...

At some point you going to sit back and go. Man this is great.

Then you will get antsy and think something along the lines of "you know what would make that really pop?!"...then back to the shop you go.