Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Long Time . . . - "Gnat" welcome

"It's been such a long time. . ." Sounds like a song from "Boston" doesn't it? But what I mean is that it's been a long time since I've had time to post. We've been really busy getting the new space @ Italian Jim's Pizzeria open. We opened this last Sunday. It is SHARPPPPPP! REALLY SHARP! We still have about 75 to 100 pieces to blow to be complete, but it looks absolutely, double, triple unique and gorgeous!

I will be taking and posting some pictures in the near future. I've got some commission pieces to catch up on and a little bit of rest to take.

We have been blowing glass in this heat trying to get everything done for the restaurant. The other day it was 117 inside the studio while we were blowing - that temp was not in front of the furnace or glory hole - it was hotter there.

Well, I need to go and was just wanting to let everybody know that I was still alive and going.

Gnat, would love for you to come over this way. We will feed you some great pizza and make you feel welcome.

See ya,

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