Friday, May 26, 2006

Bowl with copper in the glass

Here is a really neat bowl/platter. It is a piece that I blew for a lady named Britton. She wanted a light blue with a "curry" lip wrap and copper foil up around the edge of the bowl. I was pleased with this one on a couple of different levels. I love the blue and shape and size of the bowl was what I wanted to make. The lip wrap came off well. Micah did a great job with the color bit! We took about 8 sheets of copper foil and folded them and folded them and folded them until they were only about 1/2" wide and put them in a line about 2 lengths long. We then rolled them onto the piece from the marver and heated it in via the glory hole, then we gathered a thin gather over the top to seal it. The copper on the inside of the bowl stayed "copper" colored but the copper that was exposed to the glory hole turned red! If you look close at the pictures you can even see how thick the copper was in spots. I have some pictures posted so you can see. Britton really liked it and we did too.
It was nice to meet Era the other day and look forward to working with her as well.

We are still really busy with the Italian Jim's Pizzeria remodel. We are on pace to break record sales 3 months in a row by a substantial amount each month! We haven't had time to blow much glass or post to the web site, but when things get caught up…

I may take Gnat's que and start making my artifacts other worldly.

See ya,

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Gnat said...

So you run a pizza shop? Did I miss something somewhere?

Scott.(aka) Gnat.