Saturday, May 06, 2006

Artifacts Photos

Picture #1 is the Opal Nile Green on the inside and G-50 Black on the outside with #3 Opal Nile Green Frit sprinkled on the outside also. The tallest one is about 8" and the shortest one is about 5 inches.

Picture #2 is the same series with the funky flower/leaf thing that coordinates with it.

Picture # 3 is 2 vases with the G-50 Black base and R-120 Curry body and lip wrap. I love the curry/black combination. I call it part of the "Tiger Stripe" Series. They are both about 12-13 inches tall. The bigger one is about 5 inches wide at the mouth.

Picture #4 is another artifacts series with G-103 Latte on the inside with G-50 Black on the outside with specks of #3 Frit sprinkled on. ( I may retake some of these pictures. After looking at them, I don't like the angle I shot them from. I think it would show them better from an angle not so high up.)

I want to do some more different things of the same color combos to add to each series.


Andrew said...

Super duper! Those look great. The skill level has greatly improved. It is nice to revisit a shape and see how it has improved as you have.

Gnat said...

Man those things make me think of the alien pods from "Alien" you just need little 8 leggers jumping out. They look organic for sure.