Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Installation

Here's the installation I was mentioning a post or two ago. We are doing both windows. We have 21 pieces on the "left side" and I assume it will be about the same on the other side when we get it done. The pictures are show pretty much the order of events once we got the pieces blown and drilled and arrived at the installation site. It took us part of a couple of days to get it done. As you can see we were welding into the night on day one and finished the installtion in about an hour and a half a couple of days later during the daytime. As you can tell we did a mock up as we went along. After we had everything set up like we wanted it, we took a photo and then disassembled and painted the mounting hardware. Then a couple of days later we looked at the photo to tell us which platter went where and then installed it accordingly.

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Andrew said...

That is beautiful. Woo Hoo! once again the student becomes the master.