Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hello again

I have been really busy. We have blowing a little bit of glass.

Micah had his third surgery on his retina. He's still recovering.

We are doing an installation of about 25 - 30 platters way up high on 2 triangular windows in a vaulted entry of a brand new home. The entry faces east. When the sun comes up, it will shine through the platters and reflect and refract off the walls and ceiling across the the entry and into the living room. It is going to be beautiful! We are having to fabricate steel frame work to mount the platters. Kind of a fairly good-sized job. We are excited.

We have some really big news coming up in the relatively near future. Can't really go into it yet but as soon as I can I will let everybody know. Really BIG!!!!

I'll try to get that brochure to upload later.

Chris M.

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Gnat of Glass said...


We need pictures of that install when it is done. It sounds like it is going to be fun just doing it.