Monday, July 02, 2007

Pittsburgh Photos and Comments

Here are a few pictures and some relevent comments.
This is a picture of Wayne, who is from the Philly area - really friendly and a nice guy - we hung around a little. Note: I rotated the photo appropriately before I downloaded in the computer and it is still off. If I go in Photoshop and save the photo then it's allright - takes too long and I am in a hurry, It's 2:11 am and I have to be be at up at 5:30 am and be at the restaruant @ 6:00 am.

I stayed at the Omni in Pittsburgh - Really nice place. This is a picture of the lobby.

This is a picture of me (black clothes and red stripe in the shirt) and Scott Novota (Known as Gnat in the blogoshphere).
Scott was a really nice guy. I got to meet his wife known as Minimolly - (if I understand correctly, nicknamed that because she drive a mini-cooper and her name is Molly) and also got to meet Corkchop - I think thats Gnat's boss at work.

I will post more later. The pictures quit uploading. sat there for 35 minutes and still wouldn't upload. One reason I don't post more often!
Bye for now.


Gnat of Glass said...

I want to see dante influenced stuff man!


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Coming soon. I have had to focus mostly on some drawer pulls, light fixtures, mortar and pestle, more light fixtures that I have been commissioned to do. If I start posting pictures of other stuff, people are going to think I am blowing them off.



P.S. You patient drawer pull people, light fixture people, mortar and pestle person, I am working.