Thursday, July 05, 2007

Highlight of Pittsburgh trip!

The highlight of my trip was of course to meet Dante and Janusz and watch them work. I didn't know what kind of people they were. I was delighted to find them approachable, humble, and considerate. Dante was real candid about things. He didn't act like he had to impress anybody. He was not pretentous. I seemed to identify with Dante's attitude about a few things. He called a lot of what you hear artists talk about concerning how they came up with this or that about their art, "Drivel" and I walked away from the conversation thinking, "That's exactly the way I have thought before." Refreshing! A huge highlight of the trip was when, 3 other students, Wayne, Steve, & Josh and I actually got to eat with Dante and Janusz! We spent about 2 hours talking and eating together. I even got to sit by Dante during the meal. Huge deal. I know Andy thinks I am joking but, "It be the truth man!"

I was totally impressed with Dante and Janusz as glass blowers, but even more as people. Dante said he wouldn't set foot in Oklahoma with stopping by for pizza! I would like to continue the budding relationship in the future if given the opportunity.

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