Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whew! - I can almost see Pittsburgh!

Hello everybody. I haven't had much time to blow glass. I have worked on a few cabinet drawer pulls - now I can't find my little brass inserts and $40 diamond bit to drill in the knobs to insert the brass inserts- I'm sure I put the drill bit in a safe place where I wouldn't lose it. I'll find it. Someday.

I've done a few commissioned light fixtures for Dr. Stewart in Shawnee. His light fixtures are the best in Shawnee. If you don't believe me, just ask me. "Yep thats right, they are the best!" - See I told you so.

I've worked a little bit on some other things for people. (people are buying other people gifts and in case the person who is to receive the gift is reading this I don't want to give it away by telling what I am working on)

I've worked a little bit on some vases to kind've warm up and improve my basic skills so I won't look like a complete idiot to Dante and the rest of the workshop people. (workshop info down lower)

As I have mentioned earlier, I am going to Pittsburgh for the Glass Art Society conference ( A big, once a year thing for glass blowers- kind've like a glass blowers convention I guess). You get to see a lot of demonstrations and techniques and tools and people. If I get time, I will try to go see Frank Lloyld Wright's "Fallingwater" house. I'm sure I will have plenty of time to relax. Yeah, right! Still, if I get time I would really like to tour that.

The big highlight for me is I am signed up for a 3 day workshop, 9 am - 10 pm by Dante Marioni and Janusz Pozniak. The way I understand it is that Dante Marioni is arguably the best glass blower(at what he does) in the United States. Janusz is not far behind if any. Look at their stuff.
Dante Marioni
Janusz Pozniak
From what I hear, Dante doesn't give workshops very often. A rare and unparalleled opportunity! I'm pretty confident that I will probably be the least experienced glassblower in the workshop. A little intimidating to say the least. However, I intend on rising to the occassion and meeting the challange with excellence in every way. Those of you waiting on me to make some of your stuff. . . the good part is I will be better when I get back . . . that means your stuff will be better. Please continue to be patient.
For those of you who I got to and made your stuff before I left. . . you got screwed! (JUST JOKING!!!!!!)

Gnat, if you see this post before the conf. I would like to meet you in person. I should have my cell phone. The number is 405-659-6169, give me a call and we'll try to get together. I'll be staying at the Omni William Penn Hotel during the conference and at a little bed and breakfast kind of place during the Dante workshop (It's closer to the workshop)

We have been so busy at Italian Jim's Pizzeria I just haven't had time to really prepare like I wanted to. We had 15 caterings today alone! We have 11 tomorrow. My day starts around 5 am and generally doesn't end until after 1 or 2 am. We are on pace for another record breaking month! We are doing over 60% more than our record breaking month of March 2006! We are glad for the business! Well, I have to be up before 5 am this morning (4 hours to sleep). I still have to get packed. I plan on packing everything I need in one carry-on bag. We'll see how that materializes. Don't know If I will be able to post (or have anything worth posting) before the conference.

I will leave OKC Sunday morning at 7:30 am and fly SWA to Phoenix, then nonstop to Pittsburg. Then fly back next Sunday. I'll be gone one week. Linda, Micah, Krista, Kim, and Anna and all the Italian Jim's employees will help hold down the Italian Jim's fort while I'm gone.

Congratulations to Andy Boatman and the crew @ Blue Sage Studios on the Open House over the 3 day memorial weekend.
Linda, Micah and Anna, and I went over there and helped Andy celebrate. His new place on 1218 N. Western, is really nice. Not as nice as Andy, but it's really nice.

To those of you on the fence about commisioning me to blow stuff for you call before I leave for Pittsburgh, cause after the Dante class, prices automatically go up through the roof! Just joking! Most everthing will still be under $1000. (ha ha)

Bye for now.


Gnat of Glass said...

Sweet! Man I bet your about to bust at the joints.

I would be crazy excited as well. I will be sure to write down the cell number before I leave. OK, I am going to take MiniMolli's advice here and just go ahead and put it in my phone. I plan on spending pretty much the whole day in front of the CMOG mobile glassblowing studio on Friday and doing the shop hop that night.

Luke Jacomb is meeting me there from Seattle so it would be cool if you could meet him(his dad own Gaffer glass). The whole board seems to be primed to do some heavy drinking. My wife(MiniMolli) is more excited for me than I think I show. Just because I am going to get to meet all these people that are only online.

I fly in on thursday morning and plan to do a drive by at the convention to get the layout.

I will give you a call on Thursday and we will work something out. Maybe if you class is still going on I can swing by.


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Look forward to seeing you there. I'll keep a lookout over at the CMOG Mobile studio for a guy that looks like you in the photos I have seen. I don't look anything like the fruitcake in the picture on my blog. Just picked some nut out and posted his picture.
Just kidding - that's me. If you see me, come up and say hi. Also looking forward to possibly meeting Luke Jacomb. I have just started ordering from Gaffer in the last month since Olympic Color Rods couldn't carry it anymore. I love their Cerulean Blue, and their reds (CrimsonG-178 & Vermillion G-176) are the best I have ever seen. The little "chips" on their website don't do it justice at all. On their website the Crimson G-178 looks a little brown-definately not that way in person. It be red man!

Andrew said...

We want photos of you and Dante. I am glad you had a good time up there. I am ready to go with you anytime for a class just name it.
We need to get the Gnat to visit us here too. Should we put together a hot glass weekend in Oklahoma?