Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New Work

Plum and Gnat, thanks for the nice words. Here's some more new things. One is a saffron platter with a florence lip wrap and body wrap. The other is a light fixture that is pink with G-50 Black body wrap - then optic molded - then twisted (to make the fishnet pattern - and blown out with a G-50 black lip wrap. Thanks to Bruce Ferguson for teaching us how to do that "fishnet" thing last year!


Gnat of Glass said...

Do the fishnet with a layer of clear on it and ass loads of three different powders. Gives it that kind of jeweled look.

Clear, clear, powder #1(white 4 rolls), powder #2(blue 2 rolls), powder #3(Purple 2 rolls), clear case. Double optic. Twist one way, optic twist a bit the other way to get the diamond shapes.

They more you blow out the more of they jeweled pattern you will loose. Cool looking none the less.

I am running out of things to say, your better than I am I need to you start posting tips on my site you hose.


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Thanks, I have not done that yet. It sounds like it would have that "jeweled" look. Next time we blow, I am going to try that. I did try the double optic thing one time. I saw Andy Boatman do it. He made it look really cool. Mine didn't quite turn out the same. I bet using the powders might make a difference for me. Looking forward to trying it and looking forward to meeting you at Pittsburgh at the G.A.S. Conf. It's hard to believe its just right around the corner!

Gnat of Glass said...

Good lord I need to proof read my stuff. I just type as fast as my hands can go and never look back. Starting to look disjointed, I had a hard time reading that.

Yea I think we are going to end up meeting a lot of people at GAS.

You will have to take a vacation to Pensacola when it cools down, I should have the little shop up and running by then.