Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pics of glass color (Rods & Frit) New Optic Mold

I recounted and I have 105+ jars of frit with a number of extra frit for refill and about 80 something colors of rod.
Here's that new Jim Moore Tools Detachable Fin Mold - It's really cool!


Gnat of Glass said...

EWW!! nice I want one of those. Let me know how it turns out.

I got the diamond jacks for breaking stuff off with. I think I need to send him a note about how to improve the design they just don't have enough UMPH! to clamp down and get on it. They work great for smaller stuff, and are wonderful for scoring and snaping cane. have a lot of color...

Gnat of Glass said...

Started a interesting Idea. I am giving away a paperweight in a contest on my site.

I think I will start giving marbles that I make away also as a contest as I make them to see the colors. IE> make a marble to test the color, and make a second one to give away from the same gather.

Just food for thought...anyway, come by and drop a entry into the contest for fun...trying to figure out a good way to have a contest as the first


MiniMolli said...

Wow, that's a lot of glass! All nice and organized too?! I hope to someday have ours as organized - have to make space first though! I like the bins/jars idea, will have to keep that in mind and run it by gnat.