Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Few Changes - Comments Settings - Email - Lucia

Friday night I blew glass until a little after 1:00 am because I am switching glass batch from "Spruce Pine Batch" to "System 96 Nuggets". I wanted to get all the spruce pine batch cleaned out so I wouldn't contaminate the new System 96. The reason why I am switching is because when I "charged" the furnace (That's glass blowerese for putting more glass batch in the furnace) with the Spruce Pine Batch it would take about 2 1/2 days to get to temperature, 1 day to cook, a night to squeeze, and 1/2 day to get up to temp again. That means when I ran out of glass, it would take 4 days before I was going again. With System 96 I put glass in tonight and tomorrow afternoon I am ready to go. It's more expensive, but easier. Beside that the resident glass blowing god, Andy Boatman recommended it. Good enough for me. Plus it saves on the gas bill. Speaking of such, I got my first gas bill for a full month with the furnace running 24 - 7 @ 2100 - 2200 degrees. Ouch! My glass pieces that used to sell for $2,000.00 now have to sell for $2,500.00 And that's all I'm gonna say about that!

My dad is coming up from Ardmore Ok tomorrow and watch me blow glass for the first time. I'm gonna hand him the piece of the end of the punty and say, "Here dad, hold this". He's never seen anybody blow glass before.

Greg and Patricia got their oil lamps on Friday. They liked them. Phil hasn't gotten his yet. I'm making him wait and see how much patience he has. If Phil reads this I may not get anymore catering jobs from him. Just joking Phil.

I now have 200 lbs of System 96 in the furnace waiting for tomorrow. I'm trying to streamline Bella Forte Glass Studio a little bit. It has a tendency to get cluttered. I'm sure it's Bush's fault (I said that for Andy Pappas' benefit)


Thanks to Andy P., Jim(who I see at Norman on regular basis), and 2 or 3 others I found out that you can't leave comments on my website unless you're registered with Blogger. Sorry about that. I spent some time tonight and FIXED THE FREAKING PROBLEM. (you should know by now that I have a sense of humor). I didn't realize that a setting had gotten changed. It's fixed now. Thanks again for letting me know.

Thanks to the great and magnificent Andy Boatman for showing me how to do the html code thang so I could add a link for emailing me. A few folks mentioned that also.

Many thanks to Lucia for the nice comments on the vaze(that's the way you pronouce a vase that costs over $500.00) and all the promotion she did with it for me.

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Andrew said...

Looking good in the neighborhood.
With this template you can change the code too. Where it says Google-News, Edit Me, Edit Me. Just change out the words and links to pages you like. Just like we did with email, the words inside the " " can change.
Keep up the good work.