Friday, September 02, 2005

Blowing and Going!

I've appreciated the calls and notes from friends that have congratulated me on the opening of the studio. I blew last night until midnight. Krista and I "pulled cane" last night. That was our first experience pulling cane. The experts make it look easy but it's not that easy. However we did great for our first time. As a matter of fact we did great even if we had done it a few times.

For the benefit of you folks who don't know what "pulling cane" is; "Cane" is colored glass encased in clear in a cylinder shape about the size of a 12oz coke can. You have a punty rod on each end and when the cylinder is good and hot, one person is stationary while the other person "pulls". You pull the cane and it stretches and stretches and stretches until it becomes about the size of a pencil (give or take). You then break it into manageable lengths and use it to put stripes in the glass work. If I make a good looking piece, I will take a picture and put it on the website.

I made a color bar chopper on Tuesday. I am posting a photo of it today. I am also posting some of the things we blew on that first day. I also am posting a picture of the color bars I have on hand at this time.

Micah is coming home today for the first time since August 10th! Looking forward to having "boy" around again for a little while.

We are going to be going to the OCCC art show and see Andy Boatman, Brent, and Drew at that show and their work. I encourage everyone to stop by "Blue Sage Studios' " booth there.


Lucky Balaraman said...

Neat! I really like what you're doing here. When you have a spare moment you should come over to my architectural rendering site to see what's on in the architectural rendering world.

Andrew said...

Chris, How does that bar chopper work? Do you get a clean break? Do you have plans for it? How do you strike the color bar for breakage?