Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My First blog

Greetings to all interested parties!

Many have expressed an interest in how the glass studio set-up is going. Yesterday Micah and I set up the forms to pour the concrete pad for the furnace and the glory hole to set on. Hopefully one day this week we will get to pour the concrete. My annealer and glory hole was supposed to be loaded up and start their journey from Englewood, Colorado to central Oklahoma by Tuesday, July 5th. If you want to see what my annealer looks like go to: http://www.denverglass.com/gfa36.html To see the glory hole, go to: http://www.denverglass.com/glory.html I got the GH-18. I'm guessing it will take about 2 weeks to get here once it ships. I completed construction on the glass blowers bench, rolling yoke, and rolling heat shield last week (My new Lincoln Electric 215 MIG Welder is awesome!) and delivered them to Powder Coating Plus to be powder coated. I will try to get some photos posted later of all the equipment. I wanted to acknowledge Andy Boatman of Blue Sage Studios http://www.bluesagestudios.com in my first blog simply because without him I don't know how I would have gotten into glass blowing. Andy is a great and patient teacher of glass blowing and an even better guy. My life is richer because of him, Brent and Drew are great also and I have enjoyed my time and what I have learned from them. Hats off to Andy and his crew at Blue Sage Studios!


Andrew said...

Thanks Chris. You are most excellent.

javaguy said...

Hi Chris,
I have your blog bookmarked and am looking to forward to pictures and postings. When you get things up and running I want to come out and see your setup.