Wednesday, July 13, 2005

3 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back - What's Bella Forte?

I am waiting the 7 days for my concrete pad to cure before moving the 2,000 pound plus furnace and glory hole on it. I was thinking I could get all the gas hookups done during that 7 days. Not working that way. Looks like I am going to be out a few more days and a thousand or two dollars getting all the controls and stuff to get everything operational. Hey, it could be worse. Looking forward to making my first piece in Bella Forte.

Speaking of Bella Forte. Some have asked what that means. It's Italian. "Bella" means "beautiful", "Forte" means "strong" it also means "loud" or "with emphasis", like in music. So, Bella Forte Glass Studio indicates that it is "Beautiful" and "Loud or Strong" in glass design. Glass with class. Glass with emphasis. That's the plan at least. I'll keep you posted as to the progress.

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