Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New cane vase

Here's a vase we blew yesterday afternoon from cane we pulled yesterday. It's 17 1/2" tall and about 8 1/2" wide. It's wonderfully thin and the canes on the very outside that run up and down, are raised up from the surface of the vase, all the way up and down the vase. (which is what we tried to do) In the past, it has been hard for us to do that, because when the vase is heated in the glory hole, the canes have a tendency to flatten and be smooth across the surface of the glass. This is the first time that we didn't have them fused "flat" . Plus, we pretty much kept them straight up and down. They have a tendency to want to twist a little bit. We're excited that we were able to do it!

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