Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Janusz Posniak(see the 2 guys highlighted? The one to the right) here to demo and teach!!!

Monday night only! Monday night, September 28th, 4 hours, starting 6:00 pm. Up close and very personal. Only a few slots possible. Janusz will be demonstrating, answering questions, giving some instruction, and just in general demonstrating what a Glass Blowing God does! $50 per person. Want to be included - Call me before there is no more room left! 405-659-6169 There will be light refreshments served.
The photo is of Dante Marioni, Janusz Posniak (Not faded out), Paul Cunningham (between Dante, who is on the left and Janusz who is on the right), then starting on the far left the other folks are the hot shop team at the Tacoma Museum of Glass. By the way, not only was the hot shop team very talented, but they were extremely nice to us throughout the whole week. This photo was taken when Micah and I went there and watched them for a week. First there is, Alex Stisser, (I wasn't introduced to the next 2 ladies and don't know who they are) then Dante, Paul Cunningham (who I've already mentioned who is a close friend of Dante and Janusz), then Ben Cobb, then Gabe Feenan, then Jeannie who did alot of announcing at the TMOG.

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