Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project almost complete

We were commissioned to blow 30 bowls for a corporate leadership team. Then an additional bowl for a commemorative gift to a high ranking govt. offical. So a total of 31 bowls. Here's a few photos of the bowls we were commissioned to make for a leadership team of a top organization. (A few of the photos of individual bowls were taken in an isolated setting.)

The First photo shows one of the blue tone on tone bowls.

The second photo shows the interaction of a different bowl with light and the background of it's surroundings. I love the reflection of light the bowls give off!!

The third photo is a different tone on tone blue bowl.

The fourth photo is of the bowls in the corporate conference room on the huge granite table.

The fifth photo is a different view on the same table.

The sixth photo is the bowls on the gorgeous lawn outside Bella Forte Glass Studio.

We have 2 more to blow, which we will do Saturday and the project will be completed ahead of the deadline which is the coming Monday. We had less than 2 weeks to get this far from the initial mention by our client. Yeah, that means we did good!


Andrew said...

Awesome work. Beautiful bowls. Keep up the good works my friend.

Christie said...

What beautiful work and how exciting to see that you are close to my neighborhood!