Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finally Back!!

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been so long since a post. We have been incredibly busy. First thanks to Elaine and Greg Dean and the crew at Dean-Lively Gallery in Edmond. Our show there was a success! We had a great turnout and want to thank everyone for coming out and taking a look and buying. Here's the new 75 piece chandelier at the Dean-Lively Gallery in Edmond. Come by there and see it in person.

Micah and I have been busy on a number of commission pieces and didn't even get pictures of several of them.

We are falling in love with some new shapes and our work is evolving a little bit. We will still do what we have been doing but we are entering into another dimension and are excited about it. Our skill level is increasing and so it the size of our work. Our tallest to date is a little over 27".

Some pictures of a new style for us are posted here today. Right now we are calling this style, "Raffinato". It's Italian for "Elegant".

The "Raffinato" right now has at least two versions. The first is the "Redento Raffinato" and we don't have a name for the 2nd one yet. We have yet to make a third version, but we know what it will look like and it is coming. The "Redento" is Italian for "redeemed". We have taken trimmings and scraps from other things from off the floor and out of the trash and "redeemed" them and made something beautiful out of them. Kind of like God does with people. He picks up people off of the scrap heap of life and makes something beautiful out of them if they will let him. Whoa! weren't expecting that were you?

Anyway here's some stuff we have been doing. The guilded olive green raffinato is 20" tall. Most of the others are taller, up to 27".

I''m posting a couple of pictures of some things Micah did by his self. The grayish granite looking one is about 15" tall and the blue/sandy beach one is over 20" inches tall, maybe 22". We don't know for sure, it sold before we measured it. Micah is really doing great. Together we are blowing the best glass we've ever blown. We are fixing to get started on Aaron's chandelier in January. He ordered one that has lots of warm transparent colors in it. Oranges, ambers, reds, gold browns, etc... We are really excited!

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