Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back in the saddle again

Well, we blew again for the first time in about 3 months! We made 2 platters - one with a body wrap and lip wrap and 4 bud vases. I think everything is going to make it. Not one piece was lost! Micah understands why Dale Chihuly quit blowing glass with just one eye. Until he gets his lense replaced it was hard for him judge depth and deal with spacial awareness. In spite of all that he did good.

I may post some pictures of what we did.

The new burner head works great - my furnace seems to be burning much more effiecient. I also tweaked the burner on my glory hole and packed some refractory insulation around the burner head. Mr. Guiberson said the burner head will do better and last longer if the top part of it stays as cool as possible. I could even touch it for a little bit! I hope to blow some tomorrow.

Bye for now.


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Gnat of Glass said...

Knock it out dude!

I started on the shop as of yesterday. Clearing the area of the shed and actually making something happen.

Post the picks I want to see what you made after that long layoff.