Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Photos!

Here's the new set Micah and I did! What do you think? All the colors are the same, but we did each of the accent colors with a different technique. We used crown yellow and lapis blue.


Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are getting good! Those are really pretty!!!!!!


Gnat said...

Just for fun I have been putting little bits of glass near the top of the piece and melting them in before I spin them out. This cause the weight to be off in those spots and they spin out in these strange organic shapes.

Give a dot a try, then do a little bit of a drag near the lip. I put them on before the transfer to the punti. But it gaffer choice there I guess either would work the same. I just found them easier to get melted in and it would keep the shape better if I applied them before the transfer.

Anyway, make a clear one and give it a try....

The groupings look great.


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Nice to hear from Nath. again. Keep on keeping on man!